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Thank you for bringing back some great memories with this lovely poem. Report Reply. This is a nice poem. I enjoyed this one.

grandpa's legacy

What a sweet tribute to a wonderfull grandfather I am sure. Somehow when reading it took me back to my husbands grandfather, he too filled our life. Your descriptin is excellent with a feel of good ol days theory But the nicest part, it came from within your heart.. Bonnie Collins Report Reply.

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My goodness! That is lovely I especially like the third verse and final lines of the fourth verse. I can identify with your what is conveyed here. A pleasure to read.

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Hi, Thank you for the comment on my poem 'Are You Knocking? I really enjoy talking with older people, they have so many interesting things to share. Anne Murray Report Reply.

A Grandpa's Legacy

Nostalgia gently penned. Grandpa's Legacy Poem by James B. Earley - Poem Hunter. My first Harley-Davidson experience, a test of a Fat Bob, opened up a conversation with my Grandpa and I learned things about his life I never knew. Photo by Jake Bright. My dad, an avid biker of the Steve McQueen and Bob Hannah era, started me and my brother on dirt in single digits and hatched us out onto the streets at But long before my dad learned to ride and taught us, Grandpa Bright was the moto pioneer in our family. After that first ride in , he was hooked.

Grandpa was part of the glory days of motorcycling when cultural icons such as Marlon Brando and James Dean trail-blazed the emblematic biker look of boots, jeans, and the Perfecto leather jacket. Long before specialized machines, my grandpa and riders of that time took those same motorcycles off-road, too. It was run what you brung for everything: road rallies, hill climbs, or dirt trails. And the motorcycle make that most inspired my Grandpa Fred to ride was Harley-Davidson.

It's seen here with my Grandma Cleo on back.

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  4. Photo provided by Fred Bright. The Panhead soon gave way to his second Harley. I was riding off-road a lot then so I wanted that to keep both hands on the bars. And then there was the comfort. They were about the best thing you could take out on the open road back then.

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    The Sportster that got away. Harley-Davidson illustration. There was one more Harley-Davidson my grandpa hoped to own, but it never materialized. I think they sold out of them. He passed this on to my dad, taking him to hill climbs and getting him his first dirt bike in the late s. By the time I had my license much later, all his Harley-Davidsons were in the past. Riding the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob.

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    There is a lot of legacy when you cruise on a Harley. They will help stop the log from swinging back and forth. I want you on the mule team, but be sure to pull slowly. The bottom end should start down the hole and then begin to lift the top up. The purples and oranges blended together and in spite of the harshness of the day there would be another tomorrow.

    He wandered as he basked in the beauty of the sunset if there would be other harsh days, and if so how soon would they come. But right now he was comforted in the knowledge that there would be another tomorrow. Others wish they could have had such fortune, but we can still smile at the lessons from those who have lived and are willing to share their experience and wisdom.

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    As a reader I read every word and when a wrong word is used it breaks your rhythm Please use a proofreader not just spell check. Using role instal of roll using synchs instead of cinches. Otherwise you would have a 5 star!

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