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He travels with his faithful guardian Manfred. During Poverty, Chastity and Obedience , Henry is required to enter the Sasau Monastery, but it is difficult to gain access. He seeks out Karl, who is about to take vows as a novice, in the hope that he can switch places. He finds Karl at the Wagoner's Inn , enjoying his last few days of freedom not at the brothel, much to his disappointment, but at least he can drink. Karl is instantly interested in Henry's offer to enter the monastery under his name, but Manfred would never allow it.

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The noble begs Henry to get rid of the old man so that they can talk privately. As it turns out, Karl impregnated the daughter of the Lord of Bukova, who demanded in compensation, as well as either Karl's castration metaphorically or literally, it's not clear or else send him away.

CB-X The World Leader in Male Chastity

Although Karl longs to escape, Manfred has all the money and the equipment, so he's trapped - he could run away with nothing, but he'd rather enter the Monastery than become a peasant. He's evidently quite fond of Manfred, despite his complains, as he is horrified if anything happens to him.

As it turns out, during A Needle in a Haystack , Henry has the opportunity to read the Abbot's notes , where he will learn that Karl's father has paid the Monastery to teach his son better ways, but that ultimately he is to be released from his vows. A largely unsuitable candidate for the monastic life.

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