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They believed if she was dedicated, the goddess Yellama would be appeased and their problems would be solved.

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After spending two years being used by the men in her village, Lagamavva decided to run away to Mumbai, in search of a better life. A handsome man quickly befriended her and invited her to stay in his house.

Desperate for a home, she agreed to go with him. She soon realized this invitation was not at all what it seemed. She learned that this place was a brothel run by local gang leaders.

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She and three other girls suffered much in this home. Many men came and went, often armed with large knives.

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Lagamavva was devastated, feeling she had just returned to the same abuse she was running from. But it was too late, the men would not let her leave. She was guarded day and night for many years. Finally after eight years of sexual abuse, beatings and forced abortions, she decided she could no longer take it. She braved a risky escape by sawing through the grating in her window, climbed down two floors and crept away in the dark.

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Sadly, she returned home to parents who no longer accepted her and a village that ostracized her. That night she slept under a tree and, left in this vulnerable state, she was again assaulted by men. No matter how many patients she helps save at the Rivers Community Hospital, it will never be enough, but it helps her look at herself in the mirror in the morning. Prescription for Love. Share on. Genres Romance. Read an Excerpt Prescription for Love. Select format eBook Paperback Audiobook.

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Second Chance at Love. Mary says she immediately fell in love with the rustic country venue, which includes a historic barn and a lakeside gazebo. Prior to the Hayloft ceremony, the couple privately read vows they had handwritten to each other.

As Mary walked down the aisle toward him, David admits he teared up — just a bit. Jessica Sinichak ,. This article appears in the February issue of Weddings. Categories : Weddings — Real Pittsburgh Weddings.

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