Stalking Volume 3: The Fifth Intercession

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Holy hell gimme. I gotta put in an order for one of these bad boys asap.

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The above changes have given me hope that my slightly buffed assault element and a strong firebase can almost muster a passable army to be competitive ish at Adepticon next year. There is one downside to this incredibly good book right now.

Stalking Volume 3: The Fifth Intercession (eBook)

This army was built as a black templars force but the new Successor tactics are calling me like a siren song that has gone unheard since 4 th edition. Do I pass up the awesome Templar specialist detachment and its extremely lore appropriate to this army warlord trait in exchange for having my choice of supplement book? Will the Imperial Fist book with the templar rules assuredly contained within it make this entire line of thought pointless? Imperial Fists Siegebreaker Cohort.

Ultramarines Primaris Captain. Like many, Space Marines were my entry-point into the hobby, and I have spent countless hours reading of their exploits and painting up Space Marine models. Until now, their representation on the tabletop left something to be desired, not just in terms of power level but in terms of theme and flavor.

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What is most exciting to me about this new release is that it changes all of that entirely. The new codex and supplements are jam-packed with flavor, fluff, and theme and they really make Space Marines on the tabletop feel like proper Space Marines. My interest in 40K Space Marine is thoroughly revitalized and I am genuinely excited to build and hone my armies to make them truly my own. That takes us through part 3. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Stratagems, Traits and Relics Stratagems By now everyone should know that the stratagem pages of a Codex can make or break an 8th edition army.

This is absolutely phenomenal — it was already great at 3CP, but is now a point cheaper and gets the new re-roll wording, which makes your buffed units substantially better against anything packing hit modifiers. Realistically, any sort of gunline or moving castle always wants this effect, and will get it either here or from an NC. Credit: Alfredo Ramirez. Primaris Eliminator. Chapter 29 - The Gathering. Chapter 30 - Layering Lessons. Chapter 31 - Alpha and Omega. Chapter 32 - Assumptions of Physical Reality. Chapter 33 - Switching Focus.

Chapter 34 - Patterns of Intent. Chapter 35 - The Omen of Goodbye. Chapter 36 - The Designs of Intent. Chapter 37 - Life Strategy. Chapter 38 - The Truth.

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Chapter 39 - The End of the Beginning. Chapter 40 - The Descent of Spirit. Epilogu e Volume one. Chapter Elements of Delusion. Chapter 42 - Enemies of Learning. Chapter Classes.

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Chapter 4 5- Classes Part 2. Chapter 4 7- Undercurrents of Fear. Chapter 4 8- Deconstructing Personality. Chapter 4 9- Essential Flaws. Chapter Translating Reality. Chapter Iran and the Blues.

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Chapter Cruelty. Chapter Self-Interest.


Chapter The Assemblage Point. Chapter Zippers.

Chapter Belief and Conviction. Chapter Ten More Minutes. Chapter Dreaming. Chapter Greed.

Chapter Loyalty. Chapter Nantucket Sleigh Ride. Chapter 62 - Epilogue Volume 2. Chapter 6 3- Hearing. Chapter The Economy of Action. Chapter 6 6- The Origins of Man. Lem uria: T he First Intercession. Atlantia : T he Second Intercession. Egypt: The Third Intercession. Chapter The Fourth Intercession.

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Chapter The Christ Personalities. Chapter The Magic of Mankind Pt2. Chapter Dreaming Lessons. Chapter Channeling. Chapter Learning to Dream.

Chapter The Debacle of Truth. Chapter Mexico. Chapter The Designs of Destiny. The End.