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They both make mistakes, sometimes really, really big ones. They both have to learn to forgive and wait to be forgiven. The Book of love, gifted to them by Erin's Dad, becomes the perfect mechanism for them to really be open with each other, when talking face to face just doesn't seem possible. The letters they write to each other in the book are wonderful insights into the workings of a real marriage - it's messy, but its enduring.

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The characters in this book are beautifully crafted. Erin is a bundle of anxiety, struggling to balance her mental health with a busy and sometimes difficult life. I really identified with her as a character, especially her dislike of surprises, which is one of my all time anxiety triggers!

Which no one seems to quite understand - but this book and this character captured it perfectly. But every one of these characters felt genuine - not a single one felt like they had been put there just to serve a narrative purpose, but each had their own subtle, nuanced stories to tell.

Erin and Dom's story is told in alternating timelines - between 'then' and 'now', over 20 years, with both of them taking turns in narrating. Slowly their love story unravels as we build to a beautiful yet painful conclusion. This book has an utterly exceptional twist.

To say more would be wholly unfair to your experience of getting to read it unspoilt. But it's done with such finesse and subtlety that it will leave you scratching your head. And it's not contrived in fact nothing about this books is. I have read too many books with a twist just done for effect, but the fact that 'The Book of Love' is not marketed on this basis tells you all you need to know. And this moment in the book is what was my undoing and ultimately led me to become a soggy, tearful mess.

Any book that has the power to do that deserves a lot of respect. What a beautiful, poignant, uplifting and gut-wrenching read. What a dichotomy of a book. I feel such a sense of loss, but also an uplifting sense of enduring love. This was the February selection, as part of the 'My Book Moment' book and gift subscription boxes. I am not affiliated with them in any way and the subscription was a present to myself! Oct 11, Joanne rated it it was amazing.

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I am writing this immediately after finishing this book and there are tears in my eyes. Really, Fionnuala Kearney's publishers should provide tissues because I think every one of her books has reduced me to a blubbering mess. At Last by Etta James has just come on the radio and when you have read the book you will know just what a strange coincidence that is too! The Book of Love is the story of Erin and Dom's life from when they first get married right up until - well, you'll need to read it to I am writing this immediately after finishing this book and there are tears in my eyes.

The Book of Love is the story of Erin and Dom's life from when they first get married right up until - well, you'll need to read it to see when it ends.

Review: The tragicomic whimsy of ‘The Book of Love’ is not enough

One of their wedding gifts is a leather bound gift from Erin's father, a book they call The Book of Love. They write in this book to communicate with each other when they have things they find it hard to talk about and they always end each entry with a reason why they love each other. Like any marriage, Erin and Dom's has its ups and downs and they have perhaps more to deal with than many marriages.

Through their letters in the book, we learn just what their life together has been, the highs and the lows. The author cleverly hints at something major which has happened causing a rift between Erin and her sister-in-law and I was stunned when all was finally revealed. There were so many times when this book emotionally moved me as I imagined how Erin or Dom was feeling.

It was so easy to imagine their feelings as Fionnuala Kearnery writes so deftly and with such insight into her characters' emotions. Erin and Dom were characters I took to my heart despite their flaws and they were certainly not perfect. The last line, was so beautiful and so perfect that I think it has broken me, yet simultaneously it was so uplifting. The Book of Love is a book I devoured in a couple of sittings and I savoured every beautiful word.

Yes, even the ones which made me emotional. This is one of my top reads this year and I honestly think it is Fionnuala Kearney's finest book yet. It is insightful, beautifully written and a heart-warming affirmation of love. As Dom would most certainly say, I loved this book mightily. Oct 03, Linda Hill rated it it was amazing. Erin and Dom use the book of love to record their thoughts.

I feel simultaneously broken, uplifted and so emotional I can hardly see the screen to write through my tears.

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I thought all the characters were wonderful but it was Dom who appealed to me most. The intensity of his relationship with Erin, his flawed Erin and Dom use the book of love to record their thoughts. I ended The Book of Love feeling I had known Dom and Erin personally, shared the ups and downs of their lives and I wanted to hold them in my embrace. The Book of Love is brilliantly plotted by Fionnuala Kearney so that the surprises on the way left me emotionally stunned.

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There are mysteries that unfold through magnificent storytelling. I genuinely gasped aloud a couple of times and occasionally I so wanted things to be different that my heart shattered. To have such a huge impact on the reader takes consummate skill and Fionnuala Kearney has it at its most wonderful. The Book of Love is compassionate, beautiful and raw. It touched me. It broke me and ultimately it left me feeling that, whatever life throws at us, love can and does endure.

I completely and utterly adored The Book of Love — mightily! Jul 02, Maham Tariq rated it it was amazing. It's so close to the reality that it might seem unfit for fiction. On their unconventional ceremony, Erics' father gives them an unusual wedding present- a leather-bound notebook with a letter that says, 'whenever you feel like you can't talk to each other directly, write a letter to each other starting with love and ending it with why you love your spouse. They both think it's a ridiculous idea for how can two people deeply in love can not express themselves to each other.

Till, one day their first born dies while they are pregnant with twins. Comprising of letters between a husband and a wife who find it difficult to express their feelings and thoughts out loud. Dominic has a sister - Lydia who is best friends with Erin, and helps her through the dark times. But fail to see through her, and she tries to take her own life because she's struggling to have kids. The stunt she pulled puts a dent into the trust, so one day, when she is going for a jog in rain, not knowing that her brother is following her and runs to save his sister when She slips and falls into the river.

And everyone thinks it wasn't a mistake. Does Dominic manages to save his sister or loses her forever?

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The Book of Love:

The hype about The Book of Love was huge. As you see from the name of it The Book of Love and the tagline A story for everyone who has loved and lost you should know exactly what to expect from the book. Prepare yourself and en I love reading book reviews and I follow so many book bloggers on Facebook and on Instagram. Prepare yourself and ensure you have a box of tissues nearby as you just might need them.

I would describe The Book of Love which as an emotional read, that left me with tears in my eyes. If you like well written love stories then this one is for you. Erin and Dom are one of those couples that seems like they are meant to be.