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Patrick because he penned an autobiography before his death on March 17, A. In it he recounts being born to an aristocratic family able to live a life of ease… that is until the age of 16, when he was abducted by a group of Irish raiders and taken to Ireland to work the land as a sheepherder. During this period of fear and isolation he turned inward for the first time. Though prior to being captured St.

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Patrick had never put much emphasis on spirituality , his focus on who he was and where he came from changed him. It was here that he found his own spirituality, which kept him grounded and with vision during such a difficult time. Patrick eventually became a devout Christian and then Catholic, after attributing his connection with spirituality to his escape from slavery.

After returning to his family in Britain, St. In his autobiography, St.

1. Stay faithful, even when life is hard.

Patrick said that his connection led to the revelation to return to Ireland as a missionary. He put all his energies into religious study for more than 15 years, eventually becoming a priest and a bishop.

Saint Patrick

It was then that he set out for Ireland once again. Patrick had problems not only with himself, and the local pagans, but suffered from some backbiting by fellow clergy who accused him of seeking to win personal status. The claim nearly broke his heart, but anyone who reads his Confessio will soon realise that Patrick was the last person to think that he deserved any glory for himself.

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I ought unceasingly to give thanks to God who often pardoned my folly and my carelessness, and on more than one occasion spared His great wrath on me, who was chosen to be His helper and who was slow to do as was shown me and as the Spirit suggested. Patrick clearly perceived Ireland and Britain to be far apart, but he also perceived Britain and Gaul to be very close. Jerusalem was believed to be the centre of the world and around Jerusalem were countries which were occupied by the Romans.

On one particular far-flung corner was the island of Ireland - the last bastion of paganism as Patrick saw it. Patrick not only knew the language of his British parents but studied and understood Latin.

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Just how much Latin would have been used in Ireland so far away from Rome by that time is uncertain, but in his own writing there is evidence that he was well read in both secular writing and the Scriptures. And in addition to the language of his British parents, and the Latin he learned as a priest, Patrick would have had to speak Irish to communicate God's message to the people. Patrick believed that when "every nation" had heard the gospel, Christ would then return, and it seems he believed that he was the person to bring this message of Christianity to the land that represented this "final hurdle" of God's plan.

In Ireland, probably towards the end of his life, Bishop Patrick wrote about his life and work in the Confessio. I am the sinner Patrick.

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I am the most unsophisticated of people, the least of Christians, and for many people I am the most contemptible I was taken into captivity in Ireland - at that time I was ignorant of the true God - along with many thousand others. This was our punishment for departing from God, abandoning his commandments, and ignoring our priests who kept on warning us about our salvation No he wasn't; he was British.

When he was a child, raiders from Ireland came and took him from Britain. In Ireland, he was sold as a slave, and spent about six years tending sheep and pigs around Slemish a mountain formed from the plug of an extinct volcano just outside Ballymena in what is now Co Antrim. As a stowaway, he returned to his parents, but felt called by God to return to preach to the people of Ireland. Anyway, it would be unlikely that a country with such strong trading links with the Roman Empire would have remained untouched by Christianity.

The snake may be a reference to serpent, a symbol of evil, and the driving out a reference to Patrick's mission to rid Ireland of pagan influence. Search term:. Read more.

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Saint Patrick Last updated St Patrick's Day is March Patrick's life Patrick's early life Patrick's family lived on a small estate near the village of Bannavem Taburniae. Although his father was a deacon, Patrick was not a believer: I did not, indeed, know the true God Saint Patrick, Confessio, translated from Latin.

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  5. Saint Patrick, Confessio, translated from Latin. Patrick's writings Patrick's world Patrick clearly perceived Ireland and Britain to be far apart, but he also perceived Britain and Gaul to be very close.