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They gel as though they were a company who has been working together far longer than they actually have. The younger dancers certainly rose to the occasion and the audience was delighted. Oelf created the masterfully mixed soundscape interspersed on occasion by complete silence, chatter and even laughter among the cast members.

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It inspires an emotive reaction. It depends on your mood on the day.

Unlike Pluto - Waiting For You(ft. Joanna Jones) - Euanflow Choreography - Select Members

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While the world was burning, i was dancing my dance, waiting for it all to melt away. - EXboot

Shown here is a dancing bee on a swarm. The marked bee has returned from a sugar water feeder.

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She is seen here being unloaded by a number of bees, and then begins to dance, which communicates the source of sugar water related to the current sun azimuth. The waggle dance includes information about the direction and energy required to fly to the goal. Energy expenditure or distance is indicated by the length of time it takes to make one circuit.

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For example a bee may dance circuits in 15 seconds for a food source meters away, for a food source meters away, and 3 circuits in 15 seconds for a food source meters away. Direction of the food source is indicated by the direction the dancer faces during the straight portion of the dance when the bee is waggling. If she waggles while facing straight upward, than the food source may be found in the direction of the sun.

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If she waggles at an angle 60 degrees to the left of upward the food source may be found 60 degrees to the left of the sun. Similarly, if the dancer waggles degrees to the right of upward, the food source may be found degrees to the right of the sun. The dancer emits sounds during the waggle run that help the recruits determine direction in the darkness of the hive.

If you can find a few friends that you can take with you, do it.

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They will provide some comfort and provide some relief from the unknown crowds. Introduce yourself, you can find some amazing and interesting people at the club who love to dance just as much as you do. If you meet someone new, buy them, and yourself, a drink, which will help you….

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Like you even need to be told that. The main point of a dance club is to lose yourself in the music and just have fun.

All aspects of the club are designed to help you remove yourself from the dullness of your everyday routine; to let you freak out and go crazy for a night. Sometimes alcohol can give you a head start. The Exchange provides an abundance of the finest liquor and drinks at the two full bars, as well as prime bottle service for VIP guests.